The concept of Team Building consists of organizing activities that promote and improve teamwork, communication and relationship between company employees, with the aim of increasing their commitment to the organization. Our Team Building concept has the same objective, but starts from the idea of ​​taking people back to their roots, to reconnect with their survival instinct in nature, to Back to Basics.

In nature people feel insecure, uncomfortable and vulnerable; These feelings cause of mind and body to enter a state of alertness, activating an attitude of determination focused on overcoming adversity. To survive, teamwork becomes essential, and the members of the group are faced with the opportunity to maximize the abilities of each participant and perform specific tasks for the common good. These experiences help them grow and learn about themselves.

From our point of view, taking them back to the basics is the best way to achieve a comprehensive, effective and different Team Building.

Back to basic

Our Team Building activities propose a challenge to employees, an objective that they have to meet together. For this, the members of your company must improve the following points, which we consider vital in a work team:

Active listening

Team members will learn to listen to instructions, understand them, and execute with precision.


Get the whole team to identify the goal and work together to achieve it.

Problem solution

Make everyone understand that every problem has a solution, you just have to find it

Resistance to stress and adaptation to change

We put them in complicated situations within a safe environment.

Leadership and trust

Ensure that all members trust that decision-making and work will lead them to achieve the expected objective. Hierarchies are left out, so members will take on new responsibilities.


The members of your company will understand how to best maximize their capabilities, by recognizing their strengths and weaknesses.


Spending time in nature will help your team break the routine, live together in a different way, reconnect, stimulate and improve the work environment.

Balance and life style

It is very important to get the body and mind to work in harmony, concentrating on achieving better performance, taking advantage of how to best maximize the capabilities of each individual.

The results will be noticed immediately; From the first activity you will see how the attitude and performance of your team will be positively influenced.

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