Terms and Conditions




Lodging costs are calculated based on 2 people per room. Any additional adult or child will have an extra cost.

Accommodation prices are subject to change without notice.



The total amount of the reservation will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Any amount paid will not be refunded if:

  1. The client has not attended the scheduled reservation and has not notified VERY MUY EPICO® about any changes on the reservation (No Show).
  2. In case the client has changed more than 2 times the date of the reservation.
  3. In case that 6 months or more have passed from the date of the original reservation.
  4. In case of cancelation.
  5. In case of leaving before the checkout date.

In case the client is not able to attend on the scheduled date, the client may reschedule their accommodation. To make a change of date, it must be notified maximum one week before your reservation, after that it cannot be rescheduled.



It is the responsibility of the participant/student or legal guardian to know about the regulations and skills necessary to practice sports.

  • All participants and students who are minors will necessarily need parental or legal guardian authorization to carry out any adventure.
  • The participant or student may not be under the effect of medications that may alter physical or mental abilities.
  • The consumption of alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics is prohibited in the 12 hours prior to sports practice. If the participant or student is under the influence of these substances, the adventure or course will be canceled without refund.
  • The participant or student will not be able to fly or participate in the adventures in the following cases: heart disease, epilepsy, pregnancy, in periods of recovery from injuries or when the doctor advises not to carry out sports adventures. If any of these cases apply to the participant / student, it must be communicated before the start of any adventure. VERY MUY EPICO® recommends carrying out a medical examination prior to each adventure.

Accepting the terms of this document implies that the participant/student declares not to be in any of the above assumptions.



In the case of contracting the services, events and activities offered under the trade name VERY MUY EPICO® Juan Luis Palma Rubín de Celis, VERY MUY EPICO® and its subsidiaries and/or business associates, sales agents, guides, receptionists, and/or representatives of any of them is not responsible for incidents caused by subcontracted companies. Customers will have to claim the subcontracted company.



All the adventures offered by VERY MUY EPICO® are extreme sports and are subject to the risks of any adventure of this nature. During the adventure or course accidents can occur that cause injuries or even death.

The last word when it comes to carrying out the adventure lies with the guides/instructors and the participant/student. No participant or student will be forced to carry out the adventure if they do not want to, whatever the personal circumstances of each one.

Accepting the terms and conditions implies accepting the assumption of risk and being aware of the risks and regulations of the adventure to be carried out and exonerates VERY MUY EPICO owner, staff, collaborators, pilots, monitors, guides, instructors, federations and public institutions of all responsibility and lawsuits arising from any accident related to the sports adventure.



The participant or student is obliged to follow the instructions of the guide/pilot or instructor. In the same way, the guide/pilot or instructor will decide if they want the adventure to take place or not or if the environmental/weather conditions are suitable for the adventure. The guide/pilot or instructor may decide not to do it for reasons that alter safety such as: adverse weather conditions, illness, or personal reasons. In this case the adventure or course will be postponed and scheduled for another day.



VERY MUY EPICO® declares that all its equipment is in perfect condition to carry out the adventures, complies with current regulations and frequently checks that it is in optimal condition for use. All equipment is duly approved.

All participants must wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the sports adventure.



Some of the adventures are conditioned to weather conditions. In the event of adverse weather, VERY MUY EPICO® reserves the right to reschedule the appointment without this implying a refund of the ticket. The postponement can be made without prior notice if the weather forecasts have undergone a drastic change in the last few hours.

VERY MUY EPICO® reserves the right to postpone the adventure in the following cases:

  1. When the participant/student does not meet the physical and/or mental conditions described in the previous section.
  2. When the participant/student is late for the adventure.



The total amount of the reservation will not be refunded under any circumstances.

The amount paid will not be refunded in the following cases:

  1. When the client has not attended the scheduled reservation and has not called VERY MUY EPICO® to give a reason (No Show).
  2. If the client has rescheduled more than 2 times the date of the experience reservation.
  3. If more than 6 months have passed since the date of the original experience reservation.
  4. When the client has been expelled from the activity for negligent behavior and putting himself and others in danger.

The client has the right to reschedule their adventure maximum one week before their original reservation. VERY MUY EPICO® will not reschedule after this period.

The prices of the activities may be subject to change without prior notice.



VERY MUY EPICO® reserves the right to use the images and photos taken during the adventure to promote the company on social networks or other media.



VERY MUY EPICO® is not responsible for the loss, theft, or deterioration of personal belongings during their stay or adventure.



The participant and/or student agrees to abide by current environmental regulations.



At VERY MUY EPICO® we love pets, and they are welcome, however, we ask you to evaluate if your pet is social with both humans and other animals. If not, we ask that you preferably not to bring it. In the same way, if your pet is in heat, we ask you to reconsider bringing it. All pets must be completely free of fleas and ticks and up to date on their vaccinations. Under no circumstances will pets be allowed to bathe in the guest bathroom and will have to sleep under their company. Animals are not allowed in the beds or furniture, in case they stain the sheets or the furniture, an extra cleaning charge will be made.

As the owner of the pet, you are responsible for it and for what may happen. If your pet is a danger to other guests or pets, we will ask you not to bring it in common areas and to keep it on a leash.

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